Here is where I acknowledge the people who were in some way instrumental in the development and writing of my works. They are listed in alphabetical order. Expect this list to be added to every so often. If you feel you’ve been in some way instrumental to my writing or my personal life, please feel free to use my Contact Form to notify me.

Erin M. Hartshorn – She’s one of the two primary people whom I interact with on FM’s Goals board. Her support and encouragement there have aided me many times in my daily life, and sometimes in my writing. She writes Mysteries, Science Fiction, and Urban Fantasy.

Forward Motion for Writers – I do a lot of “public” brainstorming in FM’s chat room. There are so many writers here who have “listened” and helped me with my writing and my real-life stresses. Mooseythehut, ConnieCockrell, Strigine, Magicalbookworm, Inkling, Arizela, Chaos, JDDyer, and, most importantly, Zette, are just a few of the FM members who’ve been there when I needed help.

J. A. Marlow – Not only was she instrumental in helping me develop several books, she’s the artist for the covers of my Discordant Harmonies series as well as the header image you see at the top of my website. Jam also owns and operates the website Writing Groove, an affiliate of FM, where there are leaderboards and challenges for writers to enter, along with a chat room that while different from FM’s will often have some of the same people I first met on FM. Visit J.A.’s site for some entertaining Science Fiction writing or covers of your own.

Jennifer Amriss – She helped me develop all the original titles for my Discordant Harmonies series and became their first fan. There have been many times when we’ve helped each other develop our stories. She writes fun fantasy romances.

Lazette Gifford – Yes, Zette gets a second mention. Not only for providing Forward Motion, but also for invaluable aid in developing my stories. She was the primary one who helped me realize that Chraest, the world of my Discordant Harmonies series, was not a strictly fantasy world. Go read her books; they’re all available on Smashwords. She writes a variety of genres, so there’s sure to be a little something there for nearly everyone.

Margaret McGaffey Fisk – The second writer with whom I commonly interact on FM’s Goals board. She’s wise and knowledgeable. Explore her site to find her Science Fiction, Fantasy, Steampunk, and Romances of various subgenres.

Necia Phoenix – This writer has been an invaluable source of inspiration. Half the time when she starts rambling storystuff at me, I find myself rambling my own stuff back at her, and I can’t tell you how many times that has led to important developments for my writing. Go to her site if you like really complicated stories that have lots of little easter eggs and subtle hints. She writes fantasy.