I like to collect things, but because I live in a small apartment, I must keep what I collect small and easy to store. One of the things that fits these requirements is tarot decks. I’ve collected them for years, always intending to learn how to read them, and have recently started learning. Yes, I intend to use all the decks I collect in readings.

When I choose a deck to buy, whether it be online or in a store, I do so because I’ve seen enough of the artwork to know it resonates with me. I used to have a definite favorite deck, but now I can’t decide—I love them all. Before doing a reading, I consider which deck I think would be best for it. This selection is based partially on my mood, but more on the question I plan to ask the cards.

My preferred way of shuffling cards is to fan them together and try to bridge them as they slide together. I’ve tried other methods of shuffling, but haven’t especially liked them. Fanning the corners together as they do in casinos makes it harder for me to pick up the deck to cut to shuffle again, and it’s just generally harder to slide the cards together. Overhand shuffling causes the cards to fly all over the place, especially if they are particularly slick, and I feel like they aren’t being adequately mixed, which makes me edgy when I do readings with them after shuffling them that way. Wedging them together from the edges or ends is difficult and tends to abuse the cards somewhat, and that’s in addition to the cards being difficult to hold for such shuffling. When I fan the cards together, I prefer to do so with them on their long edges. This is because I have an old injury in my left arm that causes pain and tends to stiffen if I try to fan the cards flat to the surface I’m shuffling on. However, if someone asks me to shuffle their cards prior to them doing a reading for me, I always ask their preferred method of shuffling and do my best to shuffle the cards as instructed.

I don’t usually let others shuffle my cards, though. Personal preference.

While I don’t expect to be posting Tarot Deck Reviews very often, I felt I should create a landing page for the series links and put them in a series. The first deck I’ve reviewed is the Bottanical Deck, an independently published tarot and oracle card deck created by Jessica Bott. I hope my reviews help you in some way.

(24 Aug 2019; 12:57)

The Bottanical Deck
A tarot and oracle deck that uses images of plant life.