This page contains a list of links to my cancer posts, in the order in which they were posted, which I’ve added summaries to in order to make it easier for readers to find specific information easily.

25 Sept 2013 The Beginning – Discusses discovery of the lump and process of confirming it and screening methods to further verify its presence.

28 Sept 2013 The Next Step – Discusses diagnosis and initial visits with surgeon and oncologists.

1 Oct 2013 Post-Op Update – Discusses experiences with surgery and post-op condition.

2 Oct 2013 Results of Surgery – Discusses the results of the surgery, from expected cancer status to JP Drain and effect of post-op scrip pain meds.

4 Oct 2013 Nano and Chemo – Discusses how I expected Chemotherapy treatments to affect writing and when treatments were originally expected to begin.

5 Oct 2013 Issues – Discusses neuropathy; and blockage in JP Drain’s tube, and its eventual departure into drainage bulb.

8 Oct 2013 The Path to Cancer? – Discusses Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and personal theories regarding how cancer began.

11 Oct 2013 Busy Day – Discusses final resolution of JP Drain blockage and information regarding neuropathy.

15 Oct 2013 Surgery Follow-Up – Discusses follow-up visit with surgeon and physician’s assistant, Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS), and removal of JP Drain.

17 Oct 2013 Oncological Update – Discusses possible treatment schedule, some side effects of Chemotherapy, and keeping spirits up.

19 Oct 2013 Genetic Counselor’s Advice – Discusses visit with Genetic Counselor, genes which cause breast cancer, and reasons why it made sense for such a test to be ordered.

22 Oct 2013 Bits and Pieces – Discusses neuropathy, arrangement of appointment for Porta-Cath, and breast cancer facts in more detail.

25 Oct 2013 HBOC – Discusses Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome; has links to MD Anderson Cancer Center and a pamphlet put out by them; and arrangement of appointment with the Radiation Therapy Clinic of the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

28 Oct 2013 Side Effects of Surgery – Discusses neuropathy, wound healing, and arrangement of echocardiogram appointment with accompanying dietary instructions.

31 Oct 2013 Scars and Stuff – Discusses discovery and position of lump, and conditions of scars in detail; and upcoming appointments.

5 Nov 2013 Radiation Consult – Discusses initial appointment with Radiation Therapy physicians, possible treatment plan, and open clinical trials for Radiation Therapy.

7 Nov 2013 Day at the VA Hosp – Discusses Echocardiogram, blood draw, visit with Oncology doctors and nurse, arrangement of PET/CT scan appointment and other Things To Do on following day.

8 Nov 2013 PET/CT Scan – Discusses in some detail PET/CT scan procedure.

15 Nov 2013 Porta-Cath – Discusses in some detail process of having porta-cath inserted.

20 Nov 2013 First Chemo Treatment – Discusses experience of first chemotherapy treatment.

2 Dec 2013 After Chemo – Discusses side effects of chemo I experienced after first treatment in detail.

10 Dec 2013 My Chemo Medication Regimen – Discusses my medication regimen in detail, with updates detailing upcoming appointments and an announcement of genetic test’s results.

13 Dec 2013 Side Effects Update – Discusses my experiences with chemo side effects following my second round of chemotherapy in detail.

30 Dec 2013 Genetic Test Results Letter – Discusses the letter regarding my genetic test results, with details.

7 Jan 14 Betrayal – Discusses anger and fears brought about by cancer.

16 Jan 14 Side Effects Update 3 – Discusses the side effects and severity of them I experienced after my third chemo treatment.

13 Feb 14 Following Final Chemo – Discusses side effects following final chemo treatment in detail.

24 Feb 14 Radiation Setup Appointment – Discusses setup for radiation treatments in detail.

6 Mar 14 Porta-Cath Removal – Discusses removal of porta-cath in detail.

11 Mar 14 Radiation Sim – Discusses radiation simulation for further setup of the treatment.

25 Mar 14 Radiation Treatment – Discusses radiation treatments in detail.

1 Apr 14 Radiation Side Effects – Discusses side effects I experienced as a result of radiation treatment in detail.

22 Apr 14 Hormone Suppressant Therapy – Discusses VA visit for new medications and drugs prescribed in detail.

29 Apr 14 Bone Density Scan – Discusses experience of having baseline bone density scan done in detail.

6 May 14 Radiation Follow-Up – Discusses follow-up visit with radiaiton oncologist in detail.

22 July 14 Oncology Checkup – Discusses second cancer follow-up treatment visit in detail.

19 Aug 14 Cancer Anniversary – Discusses emotional experience of cancer treatment briefly and conditions of scars in detail–hair’s grown back, yay!

14 Oct 14 Oncology Check-In – Discusses continued cancer treatment in detail.

27 Jan 15 Oncology Appt. #3 – Discusses reasoning behind medication regimen and Oncologist’s opinions regarding further treatments for cancer.

3 Mar 15 Hysterectomy Consult – Discusses initial visit with the surgeon who performs hysterectomies and similar procedures.

28 April 15 Before the Surgery – Discusses preliminary preparation for surgery to remove ovaries and fallopian tubes.

12 May 15 Salpingo-Oophorectomy – Discusses my salpingo-oophorectomy surgery and its effects in detail.

19 May 15 Visit with the Substitute Oncologist – Discusses my post-surgical visit with a substitute oncologist in detail.

10 June 15 Surgery Follow-Up Visit – Discusses follow-up visit with Dr. Rose in detail.