Though I have removed the comment form for an indefinite period of time, I have decided to leave the comment policy up just in case some comments do get through on older posts.

Comments on posts close after 14 days. I moderate all comments from commenters new and old to ensure nothing unwelcome gets through.

What I consider unwelcome:
1. Prejudicial and insulting comments regarding race, religion, sexuality, gender, physical and mental capabilities, economic status.
2. Threats, whether implied or overt, against myself or other commenters.
(I reserve the right to add to this list as I see fit.)

My willingness to allow comments on my site is a privilege I offer. I expect any who choose to comment on my site to respect me, other commenters, and themselves enough to be polite, mindful, and reasonable. I will not tolerate flame wars, and I may on occasion delete comments on a post if I feel them to be too controversial or likely to incite poor behavior from certain denizens of the net, even though I previously approved them, particularly if they seem to be heading toward some sort of bad behavior; as I said, commenting is a privilege, and it’s my right to police my site as I wish.

If anyone feels their right to free speech is being infringed upon by my moderation of comments on my site, they are free not to comment. They have a right to this opinion, but it will not change my right to moderate any comments anyone may try to leave expressing their offense at my efforts to keep my site uncluttered by racist, prejudicial, harmful, and/or threatening words. I want all readers to be welcome here, and if a few feel they are not welcome due to my moderation policy, they are free not to return.

My process with comments is:
1. Receive comment from poster, which is not immediately posted to the site.
2. Determine its respectfulness and relevance.
3. If it is respectful and relevant to the blog post/page it’s attached to, approve it.
4. If I find a latter comment by someone whose comments previously passed to fit the requirements for removal, I will deal with it as I see fit. I reserve the right to ban those whose comments become habitually negative, harmful, and/or threatening; and to edit out, in a limited fashion, certain profane words I discover in the comments.

I check my site several times throughout the day (usually between 10AM-10PM US Mountain Time DST/4AM-4PM UTC), so I should be able to see any comments made at some point. There may be periods on occasion when I don’t visit my site for hours while I’m sleeping or out of the house for various reasons (usually appointments), so if you’re wondering why your comment hasn’t yet appeared, this is likely why. For comments made after 10PM US Mountain Time, it’s a good idea to check in the following day after 12PM Mountain Time.

(Last Updated 16 Oct 17; 13:00)