I created this website, such as it is, as something of a stress outlet after I was diagnosed with cancer. After I completed the more intensive rounds of cancer treatments (chemo and radiation), I decided to keep this site’s blog active.

In early 2016, I had to rethink the blog. I’d been struggling to find topics for both Tuesday (real-life) and Friday (writing-related) for a while, and suffered a general burnout regarding my online presence. This required me stepping back from the blog and considering just what I wanted to do with it while I recovered from the burnout and developed a new interest in my online presence. Ultimately, I decided to reduce my posting days to one day, on Monday at five PM Mountain Time.

Beginning January 2017, I started considering what changes I wanted and needed to make to AEP in order to reawaken my own interest in the site. I honestly didn’t mean to spend months at this, but I was at a bit of a loss as to just what to do for the site. I had a vague notion about possibly moving the site off of WordPress, where it was hosted at the time, but had no idea how to even begin that process, much less what to do with it once this move was complete. This was only compounded by the fact that I still lacked interest in keeping up with the site, in part due to lack of ideas for what I could post. All I really knew was that while I wanted to reorganize the site somehow, there wasn’t really any point in doing so until I’d made some larger decisions and figured out what I could do with the site.

One thing I did know for sure was that I wanted to move away from posting personal things on the site. While I intended to leave the cancer posts available, I didn’t want to make any more posts regarding my personal life once I resurrected AEP. I’d decided over 2016 that I wanted to treat my writing, and by extension my writing site, in a more professional manner. To this aim, I at first resurrected my LiveJournal account, then migrated to Dreamwidth, as a repository for my personal posts. No, I won’t be posting the link to that site on my site here; however, if you’re really curious about what I post there, use my contact form to request the url, and I’ll give it to you—just be forewarned that my Dreamwidth journal is not professional in any way, and you may well discover things about me which you won’t like. There is a reason why I’ve moved my non-wirting-related posts over to Dreamwidth.

However, by July, I’d come to realize I wouldn’t be able to keep up with writing posts alone on the Tuesday posts on AEP. I reconsidered my stance on personal posts, including what I’d seen on blogs and sites of authors I follow, and decided that it would be appropriate for me to share some personal information, but not all. No political posts, mainly because I am not astute enough an observer of US politics to offer cogent commentary on it, mainly because it has become so distressing to me. Even with the decision to reintroduce personal posts, though, there is still a chance that posts may be skipped on occasion.

Beginning June 2017, I reestablished a regular posting schedule. On Tuesdays, something writing-related goes up at around 06:00. These posts are weekly, always a little something, whether it’s a full-fledged article about some aspect of the writing life, or just bit about progress I’m making on my writing. I’ll continue to address AEP site issues and changes as necessary on this day. On Fridays, I’ll be posting fiction, should I have any I feel comfortable sharing on the site. It may be a short story not published anywhere else, or it may be part of a series—a chapter of a longer work. I won’t always have something to post on Fridays, though I’ll ensure I provide a link list to any fiction I do post on my sidebar; you’ll also be able to access it through the “Published” drop-down on the Top Menu beneath the site’s header image.

There will likely be occasional periods where I go on hiatus from the blog. This is due in part to my bipolar disorder; I may not be able to think through a haze of depression, or I may not be able to come up with a topic to write about. Other times, this may be because of burnout; I sometimes get tired of being online, so retreat from it for a few weeks, or occasionally, several months. I’ll do my best to keep up, but if I think I’ll miss more than two consecutive posts, I’ll announce it on the blog, along with a possible return date, and, if I’m unable to return upon that date, I’ll leave an explanation as to why with another guess as to when I may.

I hope you all enjoy what you read here, and that some small bit of it offers some assistance or enlightens you. It is my primary hope with this blog, as it has always been, that something I say in some way informs, helps, or entertains those who read it.

Ashe Elton Parker

(Last updated 9 May 17; 12:17)