Ashe Elton Parker

Ashe Elton Parker

I am Trans* (specifically, Androgyne), Romantic Asexual, Bipolar, Episcopalian, and a Veteran.

I have been a writer since 1989, when, in 9th Grade, I first picked up a pen and put it to paper with the intent to write my own book. My “books” for the first few years of my writing habit were either patchwork Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfictions or my own uncertain attempts to write SF and Fantasy, following in the footsteps of the writers of the genres I devoured as a reader.

More recently, I’ve focused on Fantasy as my main genre, with a small number of projects/worlds which are more properly termed Science Fantasy. I’m not much of a quest-and-adventure writer and lean much more toward writing stories with political intrigue as a main factor.

Honestly, I’m not one of those authors who have lived a colorful or interesting life. Most of the jobs I’ve held have been in the food service or manufacturing industries, though I did bean picking in southern Washington State one year as a teen and spent some time in the Navy. The most interesting thing about me is probably my mental illness; I’m bipolar. This unfortunately frequently adversely affects both my real life now as well as my writing.

Currently, I reside in Utah. Aside from attending sometimes frequent appointments at the local VA Hospital, I volunteer at the Utah Pride Center one day a week. My hobbies are as mundane as my life is: I read, crochet, am learning how to draw as the mood strikes (also dictated by my bipolar), and I have a flute I’d like to learn how to play but never take the time to do so. For social activity, I square dance with Utah’s only LGBT+ square dance club, for which I serve on the board as secretary. My favorite color is green; I collect pens, journals, art supplies, and ebooks; listen to music nearly all the time I’m awake; and would like to be owned by a cat (or maybe two) someday.

Ashe Elton Parker

PS – Yes, that’s an actual photo of me. Just old. It’s also my favorite.

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