I’m writing this Friday instead of Saturday for a couple of reasons. One, and less important, because I have a little bit of time. Two, and more important, because I’ve done very little—if any—writing since my last update in January.

The past couple weeks, I haven’t been solely focused on TPOV2. When I am, that project goes fairly well. I just haven’t felt like working on it in any way for the past several days or more. Even now, I feel interested and invested in Dagjhir’s story in a way I haven’t felt engaged in it since I finished book 1.

A few weeks ago, a new chatter joined FM, and she’s writing a story based in a female-centric culture where women outnumber men, and that gave me ideas for a female-centered culture where women outnumber men of my own. This is, quite frankly, something I’ve been hoping would happen. I’ve wanted to write such a culture for a long time, and everything just met perfectly for me to start developing this idea. Right now, I have 3 MCs, their relations, and a basic plot along with worldbuilding notes. Not enough of a plot to really dig into the project, but everything’s in notes in my Elephant Jounnal Scrivener file.

More recently—like Thursday night—I’ve felt renewed interest in Peikigi’s story. Typos and such induced this interest—I have two nonwords that seem like good possibilities for names for Imotinayao people. Wow, that word just flowed off my fingers—didn’t even have to think about it. Maybe it’s a sign. LOL Anyway, I figured out what I want to do with The Hidden Heir 1: The Obscure Child and want to dig into it. Not sure if I want to divide my attention (and limited time now) between it and TPOV2. This is my first Story of the Heart, and I’ve never wanted to give up on it, so it feels good to be interested in it again.

So that’s where things stand this early Friday morning. I’ll figure something out.