As the title says, I have lots of things to catch up on. Besides my continuing Fool’s Errand to bring my writing into a near-daily habit again, I’ve had a lot of other things going on the past year. This post is to help me clear out my head about everything and give y’all an idea of what I’ve been doing the past year (as if y’all really care, right? LOL).

First things first—I’ve pretty much given up on my disability claim with the VA. Mostly because there has been little to no movement on that since earlier this year. I’ve done pretty much everything I can on that, and it’s still up in the air. Actually, I suspect the VA has forgotten about my claim. I should probably poke my advocate, but I’m feeling rather discouraged by the process. Maybe in the new year I’ll try to get that moving again.

I’ve made substantial progress on my transition. Back last November when I came out to my mom as transgender, I didn’t think I’d get this far. Lots of things about this are currently up in the air, but one thing’s for certain: I need to have top surgery before I can start Hormone Replacement Therapy because of my cancer history. There are concerns that the testosterone will be converted to the hormone my cancer was receptive to and throw me back into treatments for that if my breasts aren’t removed. I have an appointment in January to discuss the possibility of a breast reduction at the VA. That’s another thing that’s in the air with this—I don’t know if they’ll give me a reduction based on medical need, or a full removal in the name of cancer treatment. Depending on which it is, I may be saving up in the coming year for top surgery at the University, where I had my radiation treatments. Regardless, for the past few months, I’ve been wearing more masculine attire, which has made me very happy. I’m finally becoming the person I was always meant to be!

And that brings me to the next Big Thing in my life. I’m looking for work. That’s part of what’s kept me so busy the past few months. I’ve been looking on Indeed and applying for jobs. My ultimate goal is to get into a position at the VA, but that’s taking some work beyond mere resume-and-cover-letter with the application, but I’ve got help with that. Otherwise, I’m looking at pretty much anything that has a decent pay.

Last (but not least), I’m engaged! A friend I met early in 2018 has become my fiancee. Back when we met, my fiancee said she didn’t want to get married again because her first marriage was hell and she didn’t want to go through that again. Over the past year and more, our friendship has grown into a dating relationship and now into the proposal she gave me back in October. We plan on doing the civil ceremony once I have a job and we’ve cleared out some of our debt, and a big ceremony later on in the year.

I’ll be posting updates to my real life here again, but I’m not sure on the schedule. Maybe it’ll be a regular occurrence, or maybe I’ll update only as necessary. I need to see how things go first, so don’t expect too much more in the way of personal news over the next month or so.