Since I haven’t been keeping up with my Fool’s Errand updates on a weekly basis, I’ve decided that I’ll move it to every other week. I’m also going to move them to Sundays, and the reports will include the preceding two weeks from the Sunday of the previous post to the Saturday before the current post. With my life changing (hopefully soon) for the better, I don’t expect to have as much time as I used to for writing. Look for posts every other Sunday from today onward.

I’m also not going to post any writing goals for the year. Things right now are too much up in the air. Right now, the best I can say I can do is work a little on my writing 5 days a week, even if it’s only editing something already written or working on a rewrite of a short story or something.

And now for the official update!

I’ll tell you the real reason why I’m floundering with my writing right now. Back during the last couple weeks of December, I had an epiphany. One of my online writer friends mentioned combining some of her SF universes, and that got me thinking about my Fantasy worlds. I suddenly realized quite a number of them had similar magical systems to each other. That got me to start taking notes about what worlds I could combine, and I’ve managed to consolidate my 30 worlds down into about 15, I think. I may be able to combine others, but I’m not sure.

What this means is that I need to go through each of these new Scrivener files for these new consolidations and rework the magical systems so the slightly-differing systems mesh better. That’s going to take a lot of work. At present, I’m still going through the old list of Scrivener files for my old worlds over and over and trying to mash more together, and I’m letting my brain percolate on the changes to the magical systems in the worlds already combined.

My main focus at present is my Steampunk world. This includes notes and stories from the worlds of Ulvaya, Wevae, and a couple of other worlds, including one originally called just “Steampunk”, which the new world takes its name from. I’ve managed to puzzle together a new, deeper history of the world with this combination, but I’m having difficulty trying to fit a particular part into the whole. It works well in its original world, but won’t work well on its own, and I’m just not sure what purpose this magical ability has in my new Steampunk world. My Creative Mind is bubbling away on it, though, so I’m sure things will work out well.

And—Epiphany!—I know how this final piece fits! It hit me right after I finished writing this post. Yay!