It’s been a busy month and more since my last post. Part of it I spent ill, the rest consisted of me getting things ready for the holiday season. I’m sad to say that my writing suffered because of it.

The fact is, I’m floundering. I’m trying to find a project I’m interested in that doesn’t take up a lot of time in prep and prework stuff. My mistake was in not going through all my projects back in August and September, like I did in 2018, to decide what to work on in the forthcoming year. That lack of attention to my writing has resulted in a lack of focus which has bitten me in the rump and made it easier for me to skip writing at all.

So what this means is that I’m going to take January to do what I should have done months ago. I’m going to read through projects, make notes, and decide what to begin working on in February. My hope is that if I do this, I’ll be able to focus better. So, my Fool’s Errand isn’t forgotten, it’s being renewed. Onward!