No, really, it didn’t. It may have felt like something happened between August 31st and now, but nothing actually happened.

Well, I wish that was the case for this site.

What actually happened is that on the 17th or 18th of September, I logged in to my site to discover it had been hacked by someone. I won’t use their name. Don’t really want to attract their attention again. Anyway, my site had been hacked. I went through and did all the stuff I knew how to do to try and correct the situation, which, admittedly, wasn’t much. Over the course of the day, things worsened, until all I could get out of my site was a 500 Server Error. I’m not exactly sure what triggered that. What it meant was that I couldn’t even get the login page back up. Website was also down with that error.

So I contacted my web host and explained what had happened. They referred me to instructions on how to recover my site and a page of security measures that I needed to instate so the site wouldn’t get hacked again. I tried reading through these instructions, but the fact I couldn’t even get my login page to come up combined with the multiple lines of instructions per “step” to kick up my anxiety to the point where I couldn’t comprehend anything. This, people, is the same thing that happens with search results on a lot of sites—including those I have my website stuff with.

As a result, nothing got done, and I was relegated to waiting for my friend J.A. Marlow to appear in WG chat. Which she did when she had some free time. She’s got a summer job to supplement her income, so I understood about the constraints on her time. After politely requesting that she look at my site, I emailed her the pertinent info for her to be able to login to my various website-related accounts.

It’s all her work. I did a minimal amount, mainly to do with logging in and updating things for the web host people when she didn’t have time to because she was busy trying to work on my site. The JaguarPC people were amazingly responsive. Typical response time to my posts of another issue was within an hour, no matter who actually posted the complaint on my ticket thread. I did my best to be quick about notifying Jam of those responses so she could log in and see them for herself.

It’s taken about two weeks to get my site back up with new, hopefully tougher security measures in place. Actually, it was back up and running by the 27th of September, but I decided not to repost the posts I’d made up until the site was hacked. I’ve spent the past few days doing a few odds and ends to ease my own worries with the site instead.

So! Things are resuming as of this post. I was in a good habit with posting the day-after, so that’s what I’m going to continue with. Until then, I hope this post helps explain some things for all y’all my maybe 2 followers. LOL