Quilt Block.

You Go Girl Block 2!

My Tuesday was an exhaustion day due to digestive issues from something I ate. I got quite a bit done in the morning hours though. Did transit route research for a friend and then spent over an hour composing an email twice; we may be moving our MTG sessions to another store and one of my friends was having difficulties getting a decent itinerary from UTA’s Route Finder app. I also got pictures of Hendrix’s Rabies Certificate onto my computer and emailed that to County Animal Services. Also applied for a couple things on our local welfare office’s website which required me be on the phone for over an hour. Chatted with Mom too.

And then Katie picked me up for quilting. We stopped by the Amazon Lockers down the street to pick up a package that had been waiting for me., and also picked up some food and stuff at the 7-11 where the lockers are. We spent about three hours quilting. I made two blocks, one for my Kaleidoscope Quilt and one for the Quilt of the Month quilt she suggested I make.

Then she drove me to my volunteer shift and hung out there chatting with me and a few other friends there. Kevin drove me home and I hung out with Daz for a bit as well.