D&D shtuff

D&D shtuff.

Well, today was pretty good. I actually woke up sometime after 03:00, but I stayed in bed until I think 05:00 or so. Actually did doze off a few times, and finally got out of bed feeling well-rested.

Spent the morning doing D&D prep. Cut the last floor plan I drew from the roll of paper it was attached to. I also did some spell cards, typing some up for one of my players and finishing up those for my primary NPC. Went over the encounter notes to make sure I had everything I needed for this session. Loaded everything into my backpack and a reusable store bag. Wanted to eat lunch at home, but stomach was too iffy, so I decided to go to Oasis and eat there to see if the walk would help. When I got there, I bought a soda for myself and a muffin for dessert, and actually succeeded in getting everything into my belly despite the continued (though milder) nervous upset.

When I realized the one open room wasn’t being used, I went to go pay my rental on the space and then went in early and set up. Yeah, I was a good hour or so early, but I used that time well. When Greg showed up at 13:15, I was still setting things up. I gave him the set of dice I’d told him I’d give him—I mean, I’ve got five other sets, and that’s not including the app on my Fire tablet for dice rolling, what do I need another set for? LOL

Trish arrived next, and she set up her stuff. Shortly after, the rest arrived—Dan, Dave, and Phil. Once everyone was situated, I took them through the intro process where they met Unara and were offered the job and all. After that, getting them to the dungeon was a simple matter of having them all take a walk outside of town.

Now I’ll be honest here. I kind of led them around the first part of the dungeon. And there are two reasons for that. First, I wanted to make sure I could actually handle being DM. Second, I only had the first third or so of the dungeon finished—encounter notes, loot notes, challenge ratings, and floor plans, all of it. And that was because I dawdled on the work and didn’t get even as much as I managed to finish before this past week. So that’s all on me. I’m owning it.

So now I have a number of things to finish this week for next Saturday’s D&D session: I need to finish up the encounter notes; I need to do challenge rating stuff for the remainder of the dungeon; I need to draw about five or six floor plans of various sizes; and I need to finish up my loot notes. There’s not a lot of loot, but what there is needs to be figured out before my players encounter it all. One of the things I decided a month or two ago when I started outlining the loot was that the place had been pretty much cleaned out by invading forces, so there wouldn’t be much loot aside from what they got off of living creatures who’d brought it in. So, with that in mind, I decided that the Sisters of Sefele are paying each member of the team a (probably more than) reasonable fee to go in and do this job, since none of the Sisters are able to—they’re all healing-centered mages and clerics.

I cut off the 3 hour session a little early because I didn’t think we’d get very much further in the last 15 mins, and I wanted to make sure we cleared out before any other people who may have rented the room wouldn’t be breathing down our necks as we packed up. Either way, it took that time for us (me) to pack up and we all left Oasis at the same time.

And that is all I’ve done today, aside from making tea to sip and calling my mom for a chat and chatting with my friend Anita on the phone.