10-sided dice!

The dice we use in Vampires.

Saturday was an all-round great day.

First off, I got my grocery shopping done. I think, of all the chores I have to do, I hate this one most. But I got to see a couple of friends and got my food. Yay.

Then on to gaming. I have longtime friends I’ve gamed with for years. We’ve played Vampires: The Masquerade for most of about ten or so years, so meeting with them is a regular thing. Recently, we’ve added Magic: The Gathering to our gaming habits, then there’s me making a D&D campaign for them, and if we can get the books for it, we’ll start the Rifts system. But today we played Vampires. It felt good to play it again, as we haven’t for a while.

Back at home, I got on my computer and idled for a while. I idle a lot. But this time, in searching for a specific story on my thumb drives, I found some writing I thought lost for good! A bunch of Urban Fantasy stories I’d been working on. Boy, I was glad I found it all.

And, last of all, I wrote today! So happy to have written. It felt great!