I’m laughing at myself here. Why? Because I celebrated four days of this, then fell down on the fifth day. LOL I didn’t post yesterday because it was one of my short days, and I didn’t remember to post until I was in bed on the verge of dropping into sleep. Really. It was literally an instance of “Oh, yeah, I need to post about my day ZZZZZZZ.” LOL

So, let me post about yesterday now.

Once more, I was up until 04:30-05:00, and in those wee hours, I did some work on my D&D prep for my friends. Roll tables. To explain: Roll tables are tables DMs create to sort of “preset” certain things in their adventures. For example, one of the things that will happen in this adventure is my players will have to deal with a bear. There are a limited number of things that can happen with this bear, and I kind of wanted to leave it to chance what happens, so I decided to assign each of these events to a specific number on a die. At the proper time, I will roll the die to determine what the bear does in reaction to what my players are doing. So that’s what I did.

Then I went to bed and slept until 13:00.

Got up feeling draggy, and did only what I absolutely had to do (fed Hendrix), took my morning meds, and laid on the sofa. From there, I pretty much went right back to bed by 18:00, with a detour to eat. Was just too pooped to do anything else.