Balloons from the Pride Center

Balloons are fun!

Today wasn’t a very productive day, at least not on the writing front. I had my volunteer shift, though, so that’s what I did. Like I have been recently, I went in early. This time I got in around 15:00 or so, I think. Not really sure. Kevin, the front desk coordinator who oversees the late afternoon to evening hours, drove me home as has become usual.

It was pretty busy tonight. We had our regular groups, then a bunch of people there on and off who were helping with Festival prep. The Utah Pride Festival is this coming weekend, and they’re doing quite a bit of setup. It’s a major event for the pride center, and it usually takes about a week for them to set things up for it. They’ve also been getting last-minute deliveries of equipment and things like the tee shirts the Festival volunteers will wear.

Originally, I’d intended to take some D&D stuff to work on, but I’m so glad I didn’t. Things were really too busy for me to sit in the back of the reception area sketching up floor plans as I’d half-planned on. I took one of my crochet projects instead, and I was able to get a couple of rows on it when things calmed down a bit. Lots of new people unfamiliar with the center came through tonight, and I had to show a number of them around so they could find their way. At some point tonight, someone offered a bouquet of balloons that had been left behind, and I accepted them.

Got home a little after nine, and now I’m trying to figure out what to focus on until I go to bed, though it probably won’t be anything. I’ll probably be up past midnight like usual, and all I have planned for tomorrow is editing a chapter of one of my stories and posting a different chapter of the same on Wattpad, as I’ve decided to move post-night there to Wednesdays since weekends are really too busy.

So, that was my day. Until tomorrow!