I live in government subsidized housing, and could literally not afford to live in almost any other apartment. My building is in the Mod Rehab program of my city’s Housing Authority. I’m not exactly sure just what “mod rehab” means, aside from the fact that the owner of the building has to keep the building up to certain standards in order for it to remain under contract with the Housing Authority.

This is not the first time I’ve lived in this building. I moved into my current apartment here sometime I think in July or August of 2014. So that I may continue living here, my apartment must undergo an inspection and recertification process each year. The current caseworker who manages the paperwork for my building and its tenants at the Housing Authority is a woman who keeps up with things very well.

Jasmin had me in for my actual recertification appointment last week, on, I think, the 7th. For this, I had to take in some verification of income paperwork. This basically meant I had to take in a letter from the VA stating my income through them, as Jasmin can access my Social Security income statement on her own.

The next step is for my apartment to be inspected. My inspection is slated to happen next Tuesday, from 09:00-13:00. Basically, an inspector who is certified with the Housing Authority will show up and test my appliances for functionality, ensure the smoke detector still operates, and will ensure I’m keeping my apartment tidy enough it doesn’t contain any health or safety hazards. It won’t be any trouble for me to pass this inspection.

Once the inspection is complete, Jasmin will to through all the paper work and the inspection’s results and adjust my income. Then, the month before my move-in anniversary, she’ll send me my rent adjustment. After that, I’ll be able to live here for another year.