I’ve lived in this building twice before, and previously, I had to go get a form for my psych doc to sign stating that I needed to have a companion animal, so I contacted my landlord about it. During a conversation in the laundry room while he did his laundry, he told me that such things aren’t required any more and that all I’d need is proof of licensing and shots. Needless to say, I was happy to hear this. I explained that one of the places I could adopt from required a note from the landlord stating that animals are permitted on premises, and he got that to me.

When I called Anita to ramble about the cat some more, she offered to take me to PetSmart. I picked up everything I thought I’d need and took it home. The first thing after getting in, I put together the carrier/crate I’d gotten for my future cat.

So, on Tuesday, the 11th of July, I went to get my cat.

My original intention was to get an adult cat, maybe a couple years old. I was, however, keeping my mind open. When we arrived at the Salt Lake County Animal Services, I handed in the application I’d already filled out and the note from my apartment’s manager. The receptionist had a minor issue with the note—it lacked a letterhead. She stated that she’d have to contact the manager to verify, and I said that was fine and completed the applications process then went back to look at the cats.

They had three rooms with adult cats, two sets of kennels with individual cats, and one kennel-cage with a bunch of kittens. Since I didn’t know if it was okay for me to go into the rooms with the adult cats, I only peered in at them through the windows. None of them seemed to care I was there. The individual cats in the kennels didn’t take much note of me and my friend Anita, either, though one took a swipe at her and managed to scratch the back of her wrist; I definitely didn’t want that cat. And honestly, none of the kittens seemed to take much note of us either, but there was one who was trying to play with its kennel-mates. I watched it for a few minutes, then decided that I wanted it.

Back out to the reception area of the building to tell them I’d chosen. The receptionist told me to meet another employee back there to tell them which one I wanted, so I hurried back to do that. Out came the rambunctious kitten, and the employee scanned his chip and told me to go back out front to receive him. I went back to the reception area to receive my kitten. By this time, the receptionist had verified that pets are permitted where I live and made a copy of the note Tom had written. She commended me for coming prepared—with a carrier—as the employee who brought him out to me tucked him inside.


My cat, Einstein

Einstein the Cat