After Nano, my creative mind took me for a brief tour of WOTW, where I did some worldbuilding, mainly working on the conlang for Mukhamutara. I did this in a desultory way for the most part. Also figured out the calendar system and printed out the plot points I’d listed in a Scrivener file with the intent to transfer them to Scapple. I never got around to that, though.

Now, a few weeks ago, Zette and I tried to give Necia Phoenix, another chatter at FM, ideas for a story that ties in to Necia’s real life hobby/obsession of snakekeeping. And, about a week or so ago, I tried to add ideas to that basis—and ended up siccing plotbunnies (as we call them) on myself. I ended up with a main character, his serpentine familiar, and the basics of a new magical system.

I have since then been building this world. Very quickly, I realized this was a science fantasy story, set on an earth about 1k or so years into the future. It is, however, a future unlike we’re taught to expect. Not because of the progress made, but because of the way things have regressed. Cities as we know them have been long abandoned and people have resettled in “primitive” agrarian communities. I’ve got the basics of how this happens down now.

When I mentioned in chat having bunnied myself with this idea and that this was set on a future Earth, and the basics behind the animal familiars which are common in this story, Necia suggested I might write a family saga about the End Of Society as we know it. Which of course caused another character to jump into my mind. I’ll have to flesh her out later. I want to focus on the current story right now.

Well, no, what I’d like to focus on is any of my other WIPs—the ones actually already in progress. Creative mind is having none of that, though. I’ve tried working on WOTW a little more, but only upset myself. I’ve read Masks, but though I want to read it to its end, I don’t want to work on it, ’cause opening it to do so leaves me cold. I don’t even want to look at MOTS1.

I haven’t been able to work on much the past couple days. Appointments which I’ll discuss in future posts have taken up my days. It’s all stressed me out to the point where I’m not interested at all in my writing. I’m worried this may be the beginning of a writing downswing, so I’m mentally lining up movies I’ll watch so I can crochet and books I’ll continue reading while I’m not writing if the writing downswing does happen.

Before these two stressful days, I felt enthusiastic about the new project. I’ve got to do a lot of research for it. I need to figure out animal personalities for the most part, but I also need to figure out just where this new country is, ’cause all I know is that it’s “somewhere in North America” right now. I’m thinking somewhere west, a little inland. Will have to see, but I’m getting vague notions for putting the community somewhere on or near the Columbia River or one of its tributaries.

So, lots of research required. Don’t know when I’ll get to it all, or really where to start. But I’ll get it done!