The main reason why I haven’t been working on my writing as much as I’d like is because I’m distracted by my home. For the past year since moving in (and over the four years in my last apartment previous to that), I lived in homes I didn’t decorate. What little wall space was available in my living room back at the old place was unadorned, and the kitchen and bedroom were left blank as well. Before that apartment, in my previous apartment in this building, I had nothing on the walls.

In fact, in no apartment I’ve lived in here in Utah since getting my first place by myself have I decorated. The most I did was put up a crucifix or two during my Catholic phases. All my decorations were on shelves or tables, but I never got around to putting things up on my walls, even though I’ve had either empty picture frames or photographs or other things I could hang on my walls in more than one place.

Late last week, I hit a nesting phase. This past weekend, I rearranged my living room area, putting my desk in a corner and moving my sofa so it faces my desk. I hooked up my TV and DVD player, cleared out most of the clutter littering my living room—buy (gasp!) putting it away—and cleaned house. I hung pictures and things on my walls, cleaned out my real-life files, and reorganized my writing files into a drawer that was previously being used to store printed out character sheets I wasn’t using (the character sheets have been demoted to scrap paper and some now fill my printer’s in tray).

It’s felt good to do all this. I’ve wanted to rearrange my living room since moving in. I was never pleased with where I had my desk before; it was visible from the front door of my apartment and the window it was next to was on the wall behind my desk, so it was difficult to reach, even during the few times I opened it, which I didn’t like doing because doing so allowed the apartment across the way a direct view into my living room, and the neighboring apartment a view of me at my desk.

The new setup is much better. With a little wire-rack shelving unit my mom brought over for me, I’m able to have my TV and DVD player set up so I can watch movies, and I’ve hooked up my old PS2 as well. My desk is no longer visible from the door, and I’m able to reach the window my desk sits next to, and when I open the blinds for extra light, it actually illuminates my desk, as opposed to being shaded and dim and not lighting up much at all. Granted, most of the windows in my place face north, but the light from this window is still much brighter than the light from my single west-facing window.

I’m also glad to have reorganized my writing files. They used to be in plastic in-out trays stacked beside my desk on a wobbly metal locker shelf. Those things are great for lockers, but not so great for holding things, but I needed the space below it to hold other items, like my daily pill sorter), which had noplace else to go even though I needed it near me (I keep my meds on my desk, and would forget to take them if I don’t have them or the sorter right in my view). Plus, I had at least twelve folders in those six plastic trays, and I’d used all the folders I had for organization up. As I said, I wasn’t using the character sheets in the one drawer of my rolling file cabinet, so after I moved my desk and its peripherals over and got it all situated as I wanted, I cleaned out the character sheets and relabeled the folders for my different worlds.

And my real-life files really needed cleaning out. I did that first, actually. Went through, threw out all the old info I had and relabeled a few files. I was able to actually cut down the real-life files by about half. I moved them to the bottom drawer of my wooden file cabinet, since they’re heavier, and moved the Square Dance files I keep as the club’s secretary to the top drawer with all the little Catholic items I’ve kept and a number of other items that I want close at hand but not cluttering the area around my desk.

But I really think, best of all is getting those pictures and things hung on my walls. My apartment looks homey now.

(I just hope this nesting phase ends by November! LOL)