My writing downswing seems to be over, but I can’t really say as I’m tearing through any projects with regards to writing right now. I’ve been trying to divide my attention between two projects set on Chraest in preparation for National Novel Writing Month in November.

The books I’m trying to prepare for Nano are A Life of Note I: Antiphons and The Horseless Carriage I: Clockworks. The reason why I’m trying to tackle both of them right now is because I have this notion that during the course of both series they’re going to touch and tie in to each other somewhat. As I see it, Géta’s friend Udé is going to train one of his Gifts by assisting the MCs of THC1, and I’m considering having Géta and one of the MCs (his name keeps changing) of THC become romantically involved. This means, either way I go with the books, I need to have both books 1 written before I start working on books 2 for both series so that I can tie them together.

I’m thinking THC will be only two books long, unless I send Juner and the other MC of the series off to war for some reason. ALON will of course be three books long, and I suspect may carry some of THC’s characters’ lives into the third volume.

But I started on THC1 late. LOL Only last week, I started getting plot points on it. Actually, I outlined a couple of scenes, then realized plot points would help me there and started on them. I’m excited to work on this project. More than for writing on ALON1. I’ve been concentrating on getting plot points into Scapple for THC, and intend, if I do write that book instead of ALON1, to do my usual thing of getting two plot cards per scene written until I have a total of 15 cards and then run with an open-ended outline.

Getting the plot points is slow, though. Only two or three a day. The way my scenes build upon one another, I’m wondering if the plot points won’t come faster until I’m actually writing on the project. Same with the plot cards for the outline. Over the next week or so, I’ll be outlining from what plot points I have to see if that shakes something loose like writing can sometimes help with the outline. That’s part of the reason why I prefer an open-ended outline. Sometimes a scene I write gives me an idea for a future scene, or feeds into a subplot thread in a way I didn’t see prior to writing the scene out. I’m hoping the outline will work like that for the plot points.

It would probably help if I were a bit more enthusiastic, but this year has been a low year for writing enthusiasm in general. When I have written, I’ve not been as into it as I was last year. Knowing my luck, my writing enthusiasm will surge up the moment I start classes in January. LOL