I have a cold. This is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. The first, because I rarely get colds. I rarely get ill, period. I haven’t had any even minor illnesses in years.

The other reason why this is noteworthy? Because, as with most colds I get these days since stabilizing my bipolar, I got industrious. I’ve been cleaning house. I’ve excavated my sewing machine and made some small items I needed for some things. When I get colds, a manic phase also hits. It’s as if my brain, realizing my body is depressed (by the illness), decides it must make up for what the body lacks and pushes me into a busy mode.

I go out more when I’m ill, if I don’t pay attention to what I’m doing. It’s difficult for me to sit around reading or working on my writing. I notice things I don’t usually care about—like the fact my kitchen floor was an absolute mess. I washed all my dishes. Cleaned the bathroom, even mopping the floor. I’ll probably pull out my vacuum and run it through the apartment at some point before this cold’s gone. I’ll also probably reorganize and clean off my desk, put away these things I’ve let stack up in nooks and crannies near my desk, and happily do my laundry, which I got money for today.

Since I happen to be in a writing downswing right now, my mania’s focusing on housework and getting things that have needed doing out of the way. It helps that this cold has been a “light” one. My headaches, when I’ve had them, haven’t been severe. My nose isn’t clogged. I’m not sneezing enough to cause a storm, and my coughing is nearly nonexistent, and has been induced mostly by me inhaling saliva, tea, and other liquids and a few odd solids because I’ve had to breathe through my mouth for a moment.

I’m typically someone who has to be very ill to not get up and move around. Even when I’m sick, I prefer to be dressed in day clothes, up, and moving about. I find it very difficult to stay in bed when I have a cold like this. Even when I was younger, and before my bipolar developed to the state it’s now in, I was like this. It’s just more pronounced because of the manic influence.

Yes, I do rest. I spend as much time sitting as I can make myself do. Sometimes, though, when I’m ill like this, things just get to me, and I need to deal with them, like with the housework. But that spate’s over, and I’m not expecting another major one to hit again until tomorrow. It’ll probably be my desk area. It needs to be dealt with before I can bring out the vacuum. I still have a couple boxes to unpack—DVD player and “junk” drawer, which needs to be sorted and things I’m no longer using disposed of. I have to scrub out the plastic drawer we transported one of my long-gone window AC units in when I moved last year. I need to sort through my bookshelves, which hold other sundry items, and find places for things I want to keep and, again, dispose of what I don’t want any longer.

So, if this manic cold goes on for any length of time, I’ll have plenty to do. And, I must say, it feels good to be doing this stuff at last.