I think I mentioned previously that I’m now going to the gym. Well, I’m still going.

Today I saw the new fitness person for an update of my regimen. I’ve been told that weight-bearing exercise is good for the bones, so I wanted to add the treadmill to my regimen. Also, my left shoulder’s been acting up and I haven’t been able to do the arm exercises I was introduced to because of stiffness and pain, and I wanted to see if there were some other things I could do to exercise my arms while keeping from further injuring my arm.

Short answer, is that I was able to do both of these things.

Skylar, the new fitness person, took me around to some weight machines which aren’t like those I was working on before. Instead of levers and arms, these ones have pulleys and bars and handles for raising the weights. He showed me how to set them up so that I could use them (it’s going to be a bit of a challenge, to be honest), but the exercises he showed me enable me to immobilize my shoulder while still being able to exercise the target muscles. I figure I shouldn’t have too much trouble adjusting things for my use, especially if I make the effort to get assistance from the taller people around me because one of those pulleys can be adjusted and pretty far above my head, where I may not be able to reach, to accommodate taller people.

After showing me these new exercises, we reviewed my leg exercises. All we did with these was change the weights on a few of them “officially,” because I’d already been working at those new weights for a couple weeks. I told him I was looking for a little bit of burn, a feeling of resistance, but not so much that I felt pain, and he said that was good. He also went over my abdominal and lower back exercises and approved them.

Following that, we discussed me adding walking on the treadmill to my fitness regimen. Skylar was concerned because of my current level-1 knee pain, but I told him it’s pretty much constant and walking on cement, when I had to do a lot of it, doesn’t seem to hurt much more. So he took me to a treadmill and got me started on it, going at about 2.5mph, and had me walk it for about five minutes to determine whether I could handle it. I didn’t have any issues, so he assigned me ten minutes of that each day I go in, then 15 minutes on the recumbent bike to finish off my cardio exercise.

He didn’t change anything else. I’m still on a three-day cycle where I go in two days and don’t go in one. Skylar didn’t want to change too much at once and wanted to keep it so I wouldn’t lose track of things. He wants me to get some decent-length resistance bands and bring them in so he can show me some exercises I can do with my left arm and shoulder in addition to the physical therapy exercises to hopefully help improve its condition.