I live in government subsidized housing, specifically on the Mod Rehab roster of housing units managed by the Salt Lake Housing Authority. Basic setup is that the owner of the building is contracted with the Housing Authority to provide discounted housing for those like myself, who are on a limited income and cannot afford a regular apartment at market rent. The Mod Rehab roster is a list of buildings which have been “rehabilitated” for residency, and my building used to be a hotel which was apparently pretty classy back in the day, to judge by the tiling and marble in the lobby. From what I understand, it’s been a member of the Housing Authority’s Mod Rehab program since before the turn of the century.

In any subsidized housing, whether it is through a specific program, owned by the Housing Authority, or a regular market apartment or structure (may be a duplex or mobile home), the resident is responsible for paying one-third of their income in rent. The Housing Authority pays for the difference. In my building, my garbage and utilities are included, and I understand this may also be the case in some HA-owned buildings; typically, a resident in a regular market apartment complex (or a duplex or mobile home) is usually required to pay for their own utilities and garbage.

Also in any subsidized housing, no matter it’s “source,” the resident is subject to inspections. They can be part of a generic, random HUD process (to ensure the units are kept up to a specific standard or the owner will lose the contract); or for the annual recertification of the individual resident.

A recertification inspection focuses a number of things. Is the Tenant keeping the home up to livable standards: How much clutter is there, and is it kept to a minimum so the home is not hazardous to the Tenant’s health and does not pose physical danger in the form of too much clutter stacked against the walls? Is there food left out; is there a pest problem? Is the Tenant’s companion/helper animal clean, and is the Tenant cleaning up after it if it leaves something to be cleaned? Are the appliances clean and in good operating condition; and if they aren’t, has the management done their best to repair them? Is the heating/AC system functional, and if not, is it a problem with the tenant’s unit, or, if it’s controlled by a central unit, is that unit being taken care of by the management/owner?

Generally, a Tenant wants to have their place as spotless as possible before an inspection, and I’ve been gearing up for the cleaning by getting chronic problems out of the way (clothing left unfolded on the bed, and clutter on odd pieces of furniture). I’ll have help getting the rest (cleaning the bathroom because I have difficulty with certain aspects of it) done tomorrow, because my inspection is scheduled for the 25th, between 9AM and 1PM. It won’t take long to get the apartment up to snuff now I’ve gotten most of the clutter out of the way. All I have to do is inspect my vacuum tonight, clear off a last few things from my sofa, and fold a few odd shirts I took from my closet to put on a shelf with the rest of my tees.