I went to my physical therapy appointment early today, as I am wont to do with all my appointments. I actually left around 1 and got there at about 1:30 for a 3 PM appointment, so I sat and read for a while. My physical therapist, Scott, came out at one point to tell me he was full up until 3, which was nice—then he came back at 2 to tell me that his patient wouldn’t be in.

We didn’t spend as long at it today. Mainly, I think, because I’ve been doing nearly every exercise he had to give me. I told him I switched the 4-times-a-week exercises to every-other-day, and that I’ve been able to keep up better with those that way. He was pleased that I’m not feeling any pain in my normal everyday activities, and seemed a little concerned that my movement is still limited in some ways.

After having me lay down so he could put pressure on a different muscle than before, Scott had me get up and showed me the last exercises he had available for me. Essentially, the exercises, using yellow resistance bands, are similar to drawing a sword and holding it over my head, then sheathing it; and holding a phone to my right ear with my left hand and casting it behind me as though throwing it away. He gave me two resistance bands for this so I don’t have to worry about constantly tying and untying one from the post of my bed. Scott did this on his own initiative, which pleased me, though I’d been about ready to tell him I was a little uncertain about constantly having to climb up and down chairs to tie the band on the upper part of my one bed post.

He ensured I knew how to do the exercises correctly, then escorted me back to the waiting room. On the way out, we agreed that there was little use in me coming to PT any more—I basically told him that unless he was going to give me new exercises each time I came in, I didn’t see a point since I can do all the exercises at home on my own, and he agreed. I think he was rather relieved that I wasn’t going to whine about having to do things by myself.

Out in the waiting room, he gave me a sheet to fill out describing my mobility and pain issues with various activities while he went to print out the new exercises. I stuffed the resistance bands in my purse and went to fill out the form, then waited for him to come back out. When he did, we traded and said farewell, and I thanked him for helping me with my arm.

Tomorrow, I’ll tie the resistance bands to the one post and foot of my bed which is closest to the door (the only place in my apartment where I can do this and still have room to actually do the exercises). The new exercises are for 3 times a week, so I’ll do them on the same days I do my other non-daily exercises—every other day.