Worldbuilding is something of a fluid process. Sometimes things happen which require changes to various worlds. Recently (like within the past week), I conceived of a new world with a new magical system, and I realized the world-name of Hatu Napor fit my new development much better. So, the world formerly known as Hatu Napor (where Degrees of Subtlety is set) will in future be known as Vrythea.

To be honest, I never felt very confident the name Hatu Napor precisely fit that world, so I’m glad to have figured out where the name fits better. I don’t expect to be changing any other worlds’ names at all in future, so don’t worry I’ll start doing major overhauls of them.

I don’t know how far this initial story for the new world I’m naming Hatu Napor will get, but I think it’s a trilogy. It’s a combination of new ideas, ideas borrowed from a friend’s concepts and twisted for my purposes, and resurrected worldbuilding from a fizzled-out project that never went anywhere and doesn’t actually fit the world I tried to place it on.