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Choosing My Battles

I have a bill. From my old apartment. I received it in the mail on Saturday. It’s for the repairs and carpet replacement, since my deposit won’t cover everything.

Now, there’s a story to this. Part of the reason why I moved out of that apartment was because there’s no on-site manager. There isn’t even a management office in town for the building I used to live in. It used to be in the management office of another apartment building, but the owner of that other building decided to do something else for management and the company which managed my old apartment was ousted. Management for my old building is now in a completely different city.

We were supposed to have maintenance request forms on-site. They weren’t supplied. Management was supposed to be on-site once a week. Never saw a car from the management company parked on the street in front of my building or in the parking lot in the back on the stated day when we were supposed to be able to find them. The number given for the manager went to a fax line, and even after I called the company’s head office to get our manager’s number, she never answered her phone or responded to messages about repairs that were needed. Same for calling her bosses at the head office. Repairs got done only if the apartment was going to be inspected.

So I’d probably have a case if I decided to fight the bill, but I don’t care to. I have to pick my battles, and this would not be worth it to me. The stress incurred would kill me.

There are parts of the bill I agree with. Like carpet replacement. My desk chair destroyed the living room carpet in more than one place, and I know that’s not cheap to replace. And, yes, the apartment was left “dirty.” I didn’t see a point in going back to try scrubbing the mold/mildew in the bathroom. I’d been fighting a losing battle against it for about three or four years, and could never completely scrub it all away. So those two things I have no objection to.

The repairs? I just don’t want the aggravation of dealing with. It’s cheaper, in the long run, for me to simply make payment arrangements to cover the bill. I could possibly ignore it, but my sense of honor won’t let me. I want to pay this bill because, one day, I’d like to be able to buy my own home, and though the property management company couldn’t garnishee my income, they could give me a bad credit report.

Fighting even part of the bill would probably escalate this bill into a court case. It would be something big enough it would cause me to lose sleep over. I’m not the most eloquent person even when I’m well-rested, so I’d probably end up having to pay the bill and have court fees as well on top of it. My income is far too limited for that. I also don’t need the emotional burden, because fighting this without proof of my stance would throw me into a depression.

I just don’t need it.

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  1. Hugs. What a pain. But you are very wise.

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