My aplogies for not posting the past couple scheduled days. I’ve been trying to effect an unplanned apartment move due to a poor situation with my current housing. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to begin posting again, so I’m not planning on making any posts throughout the month of September. I probably won’t be moving until about the second or third week of the month, but I’m going to be pretty busy packing and moving and unpacking. Also, I may not be able to get internet right away at my new place, because my finances will be strapped in Sept, and other things (like food) are my priority, so I probably won’t be able to get online. I do plan on having internet up and running by the beginning of October, probably after the first week, so start looking on the tenth for posts.

I will return in October for sure, even if I have to lug my laptop to the City Library (I’ll be much closer to it). Either way, I’ll ensure I make posts beginning on October tenth at the latest.