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July Novel Writing Month

I’m participating in July Novel Writing Month this year.

I did this last year under this name with one of my Chraesti stories, and the year before I finished a half-completed gay romance under my other pen name on the site.

There’s also Camp NaNoWriMo, run by the official National Novel Writing Month whose event happens in November. I’ve tried the Camp version, but there are a lot of things I dislike about it, not the least of which is the cabin setup. Of the two to four events (it’s run twice a summer) I was in over the years I participated in it, I ended up in “cabins” (groups of up to 6) where most of the other members were uncommunicative and didn’t do much writing at all. I also happen to enjoy the bit of competition I find on the Julno site, which has a wordcount leaderboard.

This year, I’m working on a story set on an old-new world. The idea’s been floating around the back of my mind since at least 2009, but it reached the ready-to-write stage only last month. I’m rebeling it, which is acceptable to the Julno site, and started it with a count of 9725 words. I’ve added over 13k since the first of the month.

The story’s title is Where There’s Always Sunlight. I’m hoping have at least 60-70k on this story by the end of the month, though I don’t expect the story to be complete. My goal is to end the month in the top ten. I managed to do it last year, and I’m bobbing into and out of the top ten this year, so I think I’ll be able to end it in tenth place if not higher (I ended in 8th place last year).


  1. Yay, Ashe. Glad you can participate this year. Good luck on the finish line goal. I think I’ll just float around the 25 rank again.

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