Last year, following one of my writing dowswings, I came back to writing with a mind focused on gay romances. I fought this for about a week, then fiddled with it, and, eventually, picked up my fantasy work again. Right now, I want to say I’m out of this most recent writing downswing, but it ended just about the same time my radiation treatments began and they’ve kind of eaten my writing mind.

But I’m going with the flow.

Part of this means when I do write or work on my writing, I don’t force myself to focus on Chraest’s projects, much as I’d rather be working on them. I’ll be honest and admit I wasn’t happy to come back to writing focused on Hatu Napor’s initial project. I’d decided to let it set until I was done getting my year’s-worth of Chraest’s books done first. However, sometimes my muse throws me curveballs like that.

And the reason why I went with it, instead of forcing myself to work on Chraest’s projects?

I really don’t want to make myself depressed. Because, when I force myself to work on something my writing mind isn’t focused on, I don’t make any progress at all on anything, and I drive myself into a moody, bitchy, depressive mood swing, which just exacerbates everything. I’m not a nice person when I’m like that, to myself or anybody else. It’s not a fun experience at any time, and I’m a firm believer in the philosophy that writing should be fun.

It’s not fun to try and force my creative mind to do something it doesn’t want to.

And even with that, I’ve been happier with this focus than I was any time from 2009 through 2012. Because I’d come out of my downswing focused on the genre I want to write.

And this focus hasn’t lasted long. About two weeks. Last night and the night before, I opened various Chraest projects. I’m reading through them, refamiliarizing myself with the stories, characters, and world. More because of the length of time I’ve been away from them (Eight weeks! Yikes!) than because of anything else. I’m starting to feel excited about working on stuff set on Chraest again.

So I’ll keep going with the flow and see where it leads.