It’s always a great feeling when I solve a plot issue.

The one I’ve been working on for the past few months is the final confrontation between Géta and Enemy Mage in TPOM3. Pretty much since beginning TPOM, I’ve known I want Géta and his enemy to have a little private face-off all on their own. Unfortunately, until recently, I hadn’t seen a way to get that without taking the plot of the story into unbelievable events.

My original concept? Have Géta and Enemy Mage face each other under shields between their respective fighting forces. Not only was this unbelievable, it defied logistics. If Géta steps out of protection, he’ll be captured, no matter how powerful the shields protecting him are. If Enemy Mage dares enter the fortified area of the Temple post, Géta’s people wouldn’t hesitate to incarcerate him. So, that was a no-go.

Worst part of it? Without figuring out the final confrontation, I didn’t know the ending to the story—essentially, where on an emotional level Géta finished the story, and I needed that in order to help me decide when/where/how to begin ALON’s outline.


I have figured out the final confrontation. I know now pretty much how things will go, so now I can finish the outline and complete TPOM. This pleases me a great deal. While I do have great faith in my ability to complete stories I start when I’m writing this kind of fiction, I was wondering how long it would take me to work through this problem, and I feel, if not for the help of Jennifer Amriss, I wouldn’t have come up with this brilliant solution at all.

I wasn’t able to do anything with my writing yesterday because I had an afternoon appointment for cancer stuff (which I’ll write about in the next two or three weeks) and had to go to bed early for more cancer stuff this morning, but today I’ll have plenty of time to get to work on TPOM3’s outline. Perhaps even write a scene or two. It’s so wonderful to see the ending!