I’m off to a fairly good start in National Novel Writing Month. I’ve listed both TPOM3 and Brotherhood as my Nano projects, rebelling on both (which in my case means both were previously started and I’m adding new words to them until I reach 50k—there are other ways of rebelling, but I’m not going into them).

I wrote primarily on TPOM3 the first few days, doing about two scenes a day. On the third (yesterday), I moved to Brotherhood and have gotten three scenes on that so far. Both are progressing nicely, and I’m glad I decided to do a one plot card per scene written method with both. It seems to be working well for me, and it gives me a break going back and forth between doing plot cards and scenes. I may get to a point where I do a string of plot cards on one or another, but I’m content with this one-for-one method right now.

I like the way things are shaping up in Brotherhood right now. I’m keeping up with all the subplots better this time, and it’s gotten a lot more fun to write because of that. TPOM3 is producing more scenes that are longer than I expected it to, so it may end up going over 120k when complete. I feel like I’m being redundant in it, because I’m in a series of scenes where the POV and his party are traveling, but pertinent stuff is happening during these scenes, so it’s not really travelogue scenes. The scenes mostly concern Asthané trying to convince someone to do something new.

I’ve posted a new snippet from Brotherhood on its Project page. Snip is right at the top of the page, under the other stuff. Also, in case you haven’t looked, I added a TPOM1 scene to that project’s page several days ago. If you haven’t visited any of my Project pages, I suggest you do. Just so you have some idea of what I’m doing, if nothing else.