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Yesterday, the 10th, I had a busy day.

My first stop was the VA, where I solved the blockage issue once and for all. I got to see Robyn again, and she spent a good half hour to forty-five minutes with me, helping me clear the blockage in my drainage tube, scrubbing off the adhesive residue from the dressings’ tape, and generally giving me advice and chatting with me. The biggest thing she did for me is show me that the tube isn’t going to break if I squeeze and stretch it with trying to get something down it. She even removed the collection bulb, which I wasn’t aware could be done. After doing that, she checked for infection (none) and scrubbed my skin using adhesive removal wipes. Then, before sending me on my way, she gave me more adhesive removal swabs and various other items I needed.

Another thing she was able to do for me which I think is pretty important was tell me the numbness and phantom sensations in the numb area of my arm are perfectly normal following removal of lymph nodes. She said I’d either get used to it, or I may get sensation back. I’m not too upset at the thought of the neuropathy being a permanent symptom. I’d rather have it than cancer, for one thing. For another, I know I’m not the only one who’s gone through this, and there’s no use getting angry or upset about it. Doing so won’t change anything. At this point, it’s a minor discomfort, not even a concern or irritation. I know why it feels that way, and I’ve been told it may be permanent, so I have all the information I need.

After that, I had lunch, went to my therapy appointment, then headed downtown to do some errands I’d neglected. I didn’t get home until after nine.