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Yesterday, I had my surgery.  I want to get down what happened during it before I forget, so here goes.

I arrived at the hospital, with my mom, just prior to my appointed time of eleven AM.  They called me back into the surgical prep area about ten after, and I changed into an open-backed robe and socks.  You know those hospital socks, with the grip-spots on the tops and bottoms so you can put them on either way and not worry about slipping on the highly-polished floor.  Kept my toes warm, which was nice.  They covered me with a warm sheet and had me sign consent forms and I met my surgeons surgical assistant (whose name I forgot—but I do remember she was of Austrian/Hungarian descent and had a pleasant little accent).  Before they wheeled my bed into the surgical chamber at one PM, my surgeon, surgical nurse, and Anesthesiologist “ganged up” on me and we went over what I could expect of the surgery and what the procedure would be.

Then into Surgical chamber number four.  They had me move to the surgical table, got my head comfortable, and everything ready, down to leggings which strapped around my calves to keep the blood circulating and prevent blood clots.  Then I was out.

When I woke, I was in recovery.  Had lots of vertigo at first, even just laying down, and the nurses on staff were kind enough to give me some orange juice and peanut-butter-cracker sandwiches for a snack.  It was the first food I’d had all day.  After the nurse saw I’d been awake/alert with a blood oxygen level of 95% or above without an oxygen mask for an hour, she cleared me to go and I was wheeled out of the hospital.

Mom and I took a cab home. I should say here the hospital wouldn’t have let me go home if I hadn’t had someone to stay with me overnight.  Not only do they want someone with you, they also don’t want you to drive yourself or travel by yourself if you’re on public transit.  Even with Mom’s presence, I was told I may not be able to go home last night—it all depended upon how the anesthesia affected me and whether or not I required my cpap machine.

At home, I had a light bowl of veggie soup (as I was advised to eat lightly), then went to bed around eight or eight thirty after taking one of the scrip painkillers they gave me.  There are no restrictions on my diet or activity, so I’m eating normally now and am going to go square dancing tonight.