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Another Mini Painted!

Elf Paladin Mini!

Riardon the Elf Paladin

Today was a pretty good day. I managed to get out of bed without any hint of depression, and I got up early enough to do some research on what I needed to do for my D&D prep and get some of the missing stuff done.

Went to Oasis Games about an hour after they opened, taking my D&D prep stuff, paints, a palette, brushes, and a container for water, as well as my storage thing for minis with me. While I waited for Kit to arrive at our appointed time, I worked on D&D prep. He showed up a little early, and we got started painting minis. He did a Dwarf Cleric and I painted an Elf Paladin.

Came home around 16:30 after waiting with Kit for his ride to show up, and did some more D&D prep work. Should have done more, but I was just unable to focus well enough on it. I’ll get more of it done later this week, though. And I’ll be taking paper and stuff for floor-plan drawing at my volunteer sift tomorrow, so there’s that.

An Unintentional Exhaustion Day

Xylorian facing left

Xylorian unpainted.

Wednesday was, as the title says, an unintentional exhaustion day.

I wrote a bit after midnight, then went to bed. There, I laid wide awake and talked into my CPAP mask for the next two or so hours. Yes, I tried going to sleep, but I always started rambling again. When I’m like that, I’m not going to get to sleep, so I just got up.

Though I intended to write some more, I spent most of the morning in a group chat. At about a quarter after 11:00, I shut down the computer and headed up to Oasis Games to meet Kit. He’d offered to teach me how to paint minis, and I took Xylorian with me. For the next few hours, we chatted about stuff and worked on painting minis. While I did my Xylorian figure, Kit painted a random mini he’d bought off the shelf. We had a good time.

At around 17:00, my friend Cayden arrived, then JJ did as well, and Kit packed upt the painting stuff. He took Xylorian to seal and we moved out of the shop’s tourney area to sit at a table in the main area. Cayden, JJ, and I started playing Magic: The Gathering and Kit hung out with us until his ride arrived to get him. After he left, the rest of us played about three games total, each of us winning a round, then we packed up and left the store around 19:00.

It was, despite my exhaustion, a good day!

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