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Long Day Out

I left home by 10:00 this morning and was out all day. Went up to the VA for blood draw and a psych therapy appointment. Then to the Pride Center for my shift until 21:00. Worked on character sheets for D&D NPCs while I was there. Didn’t make much progress, but I did mostly finish one off. Now I have to type up spell cards. If I’m lucky, I’ll be getting some fresh black ink on Thurs and will be able to print ’em out. whee

A Good Day Gaming

Today has been full of gaming stuff. Spent about 4 hours playing at Oasis with Lynn’s group. Came home, and after idling for a while, managed to get some stuff done for my own D&D campaign while helping coordinate things for Kit’s group.

Gaming and Writing

Today was a pretty good day. I played MTG with some friends, wrote, and read a bit.¬† Also had a good chat with my sister. Yes, a good day all ’round.

Not Much Today

I didn’t do much today. Just wrote a scene on a wip and had a chat with my mom on the phone. Tomorrow: Gaming.

Lots of Reading

I wrote a little, but spent most of the day reading. Some stuff by other authors, some of my old incomplete stuff with an eye to deciding what I may be able to reuse in newer projects. Or see what I may be able to push for progress on.

Difficult Day

My headache continued through today, and so did the queasy feeling it brought. I bowed out of MTG this evening because I’m afraid I might be contagious, though this reminds me of a much more severe seasonal allergy I had some years ago in North Carolina, when my family moved out to a rural location near an airstrip populated with lots of blooming weeds. Pretty flowers, but what they did to me was downright awful. What I’ve got now is like a much milder version of that illness.

Today started out difficult. When I tried to login to the site’s backend, I found myself blocked. When I finally made it into the backend, I discovered some random jerk had basically stolen my account. I’ve done what I can to patch it so they can’t affect anything, though I’m not sure how effective it is. Still working on workarounds for it all, since I can’t actually access the Gravatar account the jerk apparently used to change the username. The entry codes go to a phone I no longer have access to, and I’ve lost any backup codes I had, as well as the original login password. So, yeah, I’m pretty well screwed there.

I’ve managed to write a bit today, though. Not a lot, but enough. I’m bouncing from one project to another, all of the damn things gay romances, but, eh, I’ll go with it.

And I’ve been reading a favorite book by a favorite author. Need to get more of her stuff . . .

Had a Headache

I had an awful sick headache most of the day, so I laid down a good portion of it. I did get a bit of writing in though. Also a call to Mom and a chat with my friend Anita. It was a good day.

Long Day

I slept not a wink last night. Been writing all day. And reading. So it’s been a good, productive day, which pleases me.

A Better Day

Sunday was a better day. I was better rested, and had a fun time gaming. Wanted to write too, but that never actually happened, though I did read a bit.

Draggy Day

Draggy day for me. Just did gaming with my longtime gaming friends.

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