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Going to FM Chat to Write

It may seem odd to you, but I get online to write. I find it incredibly difficult to write when I’m not in FM Chat. In fact, over the past week, when I recently lacked internet (more about that on Tuesday), I didn’t write at all. When I moved and was without internet for about a week, I didn’t have this issue because my mood was up due to my move. This time, being without internet threw me into a depressive swing that took my writing with it.

I feel connected when I’m in FM Chat, and I like having that feeling of connection when I work on my writing. It’s nice to know that if I’m stuck on something—like when I can’t think of a specific word—I can pop in and ask the people there for help. I have friends there whom I’ve known for years, and I can be very open about myself there.

Being in FM Chat helps keep me focused on my writing. Even if I’m having a chat with someone about their new pet or their job, I’m backbraining my story. Things are percolating. Even if we’re having a general real-life-related discussion in chat, things will frequently diverge onto a writing-related topic. We post snippets of our writing in chat, sometimes looking for assistance with something we’re trying to do, or sometimes just to share. Writing and real-life advice abound, and we’ll frequently discuss Indie, Trad, and Hybrid publishing, the pros and cons of each with regards to our personal desires and abilities, and how and where to find the things we need in order to make our writing successful in the world. I know as much as I do about the different publishing paths due to hours spent in chat watching others discuss the merits and flaws in them all.

And we all come to chat to write, to some extent. I don’t know what others get out of being in chat while writing, but I appreciate the connection I have to other writers—live and present. Even if nobody else is in chat, I’ll go in, just because I know somebody else will show up eventually. It is my main social outlet, my main support for my writing endeavors, and my main reference for all things writing-related. I don’t know what I would have done without FM or its Chat rooms for the past 15+ years. It’s my writing home.

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  1. Same here. FM chat is a special place due to the people there.

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