This past week, I’ve made a fair amount of progress on my Nano. I’m less than 150 words from breaking 40k on it, which is good. This has been my best official Nano ever.

I’ve been making more progress on the series this book opens too. Recently came up with another book title and basic idea for it. This brings the total books of the series up to four, but that may expand a bit as I come up with more ideas. The entire idea is still open-ended.

I’ve also got a better idea where I want to end the third plot thread in this book. Previously, I wasn’t sure; I thought I’d have the current ruler of Wevae assassinated about the middle of the book, but now I’m thinking I’ll have her killed closer to the end.

Timeline concept of the MOTS series is also becoming clearer to me as well. I have to cover about two years or so in the first book—if things go as planned—and I’m expecting it to take upwards of 120k or more in wordage. This is fine by me. MOTS is my Epic Fantasy Series and I’ve always wanted to have at least eight books for this series. Most of the story focuses on my to primary MCs and their plotline, but I’m still working with the tertiary MC to set events for the next book up. I think the overall timeline is going to pretty much inch along in all the books and may have to adjust the current book’s timeline in order to make the book fit the timeline I’m seeing.

I expect to be adding at least one new pov in the next book of the series. This is because I’ll be taking a side character and elevating him to POVMC. I’m giving the basis of his backstory in this first book, but I want to show more what drives him to become the antagonist.

Some things I need to do before I can continue writing this series beyond book 1:

  • Find a blank world map to draw governmental territories on
  • Find various maps of the countries, preferably with cities of note marked on them
  • Finish worldbuilding Wevae’s governmental system (it seems simpler than it is)
  • Work out general plot arcs for the following books
  • Research Victorian England
  • Hunt out and read some more Steampunk Fantasy books and others (not necessarily Steampunk) set in Victorian times and/or written during that Era

Most likely, I’ll get to various aspects of this list as I write the next books, but I must absolutely get those maps and work up Wevae’s governmental territories and do more work on the governmental system. In any case, this is proving to be a fun series so far, so I’ll more than likely do whatever needs to be done even though I’m not a fan of research. This looks like it’ll be fun, though, and I’m looking forward to making this series go.