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UF Earth and Elindu

I have a bunch of Urban Fantasy ideas. No, it’s not the typical type I’ve seen on bookshelves in stores. My MCs in this UF world are of course some variety of LGBT. They’re not all detectives—in fact, I have only two of those, a brother-sister team whose stories I can’t get off the ground. Most of my UF stories are less mysteries than they are dramas, and, in many cases, mystery doesn’t even have a role in the ideas I have at all. Aside from my UF races, most of them could be standard mainstream stories, with a thriller or two thrown in.

I can’t get these stories off the ground, in part because of the research requirement. My inherent personality is lazy, and the thought of doing research is a turn-off, though I do it willingly enough in the course of writing some stories. But that’s in the course of. Designating a specific amount of time to focus on research alone makes me edgy, so I never do it. I will admit, however, I do tend to get into my research once I start, and sometimes go back to it if it’s compelling enough, after I’m done writing. If I can make it fun for myself, I do it a lot more happily.

And I’d love to write these stories. They’re fun. Plus, they tie into Elindu, where my Nano14, Masks, is set. Developing my UF ideas to the point where they’re at now enabled me to figure out a great deal about Elindu, and vice-versa. These worlds are irrevocably connected in my mind, my UF Earth and Elindu, and I’d really like to show the two different ends of the connection—how magic has developed on our world, and how technology has developed on Elindu outside of the warded area where Masks is set.

Elindu is a science-fantasy world. A more dramatically alt-Earth planet than the UF Earth I’ve developed is. One of the things I need to research for Elindu is early Earth continental forms. And one of the things I need to research for my UF Earth is locations of other places similar to the Bermuda Triangle—basically, locales here on earth where mysterious disappearances and other unexplainable things have occurred. I’ve only recently gotten a good idea what to do for my early Earth continent research, but I’m still clueless for how to go about figuring out how to search for Bermuda Triangle-like locales.

I’m continuing to develop both worlds, however. I do know my UF Earth’s organized and regulated travel procedures get all shot to hell with regards to how the fantasy races travel, particularly my version of elves. I’ve developed my own breed of vampires for both worlds—and I’ve given them their own country on Elindu while trapping the majority of the UF Earthbound vampires under the control of the Catholic Church (a common fallacy is that my version of vampires choose vampirism and are thus redeemable into mundane humans again, but they’re not, and the methods the Church uses to control them actually drive them into a mental state where they’re beyond reason or control). I’m developing a variety of mage-types for both worlds and tweaking the magical system to fit both. Also, I’m developing my own were-races.

Passage back and forth is possible, but not encouraged by those in the know. Mostly, passage is from UF Earth to Elindu and not the other way around, though it does happen accidentally. I do know my nonhuman races on Earth spent a great deal of Earth’s history trying to hide their presence for the most part, though there are some inconsistencies in how certain communities came out or developed in tandem with mundane communities (French elves!). And I know that magic—on both worlds—can be completely eradicated by killing the right people—but one must know who they are, where they live, and how to get past the wards (and loyal communities of magical entities) who protect them.

I have stories spanning the 20th-21st centuries on UF Earth, and stories scattered across hundreds of years on Elindu. New “inpsirations” of entities appear on both worlds whenever they’re successful, and technology on UF Earth and outside the gods’ wards on Elindu is highly developed. Within the wards that protect Elindu’s magical creatures, tech is somewhat suppressed and develops at a slower pace, even when “modern” stuff from UF Earth finds its way to Elindu’s warded area. All of UF Earth’s Pagan deities are all real—though I haven’t done much of that research yet, either.

There’s still quite a bit I must develop on both worlds. Things I need to tweak, too. It’s slow going, especially when I have so many other worlds and projects I want to get done. I actually probably shouldn’t be surprised it’s taking me so long to do much with my UF Earth/Elindu worlds, even with the research I have difficulty doing.

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