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PT Visit #3

Today, I had my third PT appointment. No, this isn’t the most exciting thing to happen to me recently, but I’m keeping the other thing under wraps until I see how far it progresses, but rest assured that other thing was something good. So was this Physical Therapy appointment.

Right up front, I admitted to Scott that I hadn’t been doing the exercises he assigned me in December regularly—and why. My sleeping’s been screwed up due to a prolonged manic phase. Now, I didn’t realize until yesterday what was feeding into my sleeplessness. That was when I checked the My Healthy Vet site to order some meds. Now, about two weeks ago, I checked the site to make sure meds I’d thought I’d ordered at the beginning of the month were on their way, and the pharmacy section offers delivery tracking. When I saw the red buttons on my medication orders, and those orders were for the meds I currently need refills of, I thought this was an indication that the medications were on their way.

Two weeks ago.

Yesterday, I checked the site again to see why I hadn’t gotten a delivery of medications last week when I finally realized they should have come in long before now. This time I actually clicked the Tracking button—and discovered the buttons are there from December’s shipment of medications. One of these medications I’d thought I’d ordered is my daytime 40mg of Geodon. I’ve now been without this medication for about a week and a half. Now, my manic phase began about two weeks ago, but it’s been given a bit of a boost due to my lack of my daytime psych med. This is why I haven’t been sleeping.

And, yes, I’ve made sure I ordered all the meds I need, including the 40mg Geodon capsules. LOL

Honestly, I’m glad it was only the 40mg of my Geodon that’s missing from my my daily meds. I can skate by without it, though the timing could have been better this time.

Anyway, I explained this situation to Scott, and he didn’t chew me out. I fully expected to get a stern reprimand about keeping up with my medications better. The thing is, when I’m in manic phases, I don’t sleep as much or as well as I need to, and that effects my arm right now. For the past couple weeks, I’ve had about three or four sleepless nights, and they all adversely effected my arm to the point where, more than one day after those sleepless nights, I was thrown back to doing the exercises the emergency room doc I saw back in November showed me. Seriously. I could move my arm only a limited amount side-to-side, or back-and-forth while standing bent over for a number of days the past few weeks. And, just when I’d get enough mobility to do the exercises Scott assigned me in December, I’d have another night where I didn’t get tired (and thus didn’t go to bed), or where I went to bed but couldn’t sleep—and those threw my arm back into a limited range of movement.

I assured Scott I’d ordered my medication yesterday, which pleased him. I like the fact that he didn’t let himself get distracted with reprimands and admonishments, even though I deserved them. He just outlined a number of new exercises for me. He did as he’d done before, and tested my range of movement, then stretched the affected muscle a bit himself. After ensuring I had all the equipment I needed—he gave me another elastic band and told me to use a can of soup as a weight for one of my exercises—he printed up the instructions for them and sent me on my way with a request I see him in three weeks. I did tell him I may have jury duty, and he told me to reschedule my appointment if I get called, joking that I won’t be arrested for missing a PT appointment.

I may post the exercises he gave me next week.

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  1. I love physical therapists! They are so awesome and understanding!

    And I’m glad to hear you’ve ordered your meds. 🙂

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