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Why I Don’t Watch Television

A number of years ago, I decided to stop watching TV. This was a personal decision based on a number of factors.

1. I habitually avoided the news, whether I could get it over broadcast or cable/satellite.

2. I didn’t watch daytime TV, even when I wasn’t working (at the time, I had a job), because soaps weren’t all that compelling to me, and I lost interest in talk shows ’cause they seemed inane to me.

3. I didn’t watch sitcoms. Most US sitcoms aren’t very funny to me, and those which I did find funny were Brit sitcoms I already had the DVD sets to, so I didn’t need to try and catch the reruns on PBS.

4. Likewise to the other series shows I watched. Both were on PBS, and were available on DVD, and I’d started collecting the series to watch when I felt like it.

5. If I had cable, I perpetually used the music-player channels as opposed to watching shows, and since I have a music subscription and play music on my computer through that, using the TV for it was redundant—and expensive. (I learned this about two years ago, and canceled the TV service I’d signed up for as a result.)

6. I realized that anything I could learn through any of the number of documentaries on TV I could learn also through books, so now I buy or check out from the library the nonfiction info I need for my writing.

7. I hate sitting passively watching things and typically watched only when I was working on my crocheting, and since most of the shows I wanted to see won’t play on demand, I used my DVDs, which made having cable or satellite moot.

8. Most of the time, I had no idea what times the shows I actually wanted to watch were on. If I did know, I was generally away from the TV at those times (working—afternoon-evening shift job). I never thought to record them somehow, and eventually lost interest in keeping up with them ’cause I missed so many episodes.

9. I haven’t been strongly interested in any TV shows since the last iterations of Star Trek, and I lost interest in those back in the 90’s before they went off the air.

10. And, my priorities didn’t leave much room for TV time. What free time I had when I worked, I preferred to devote to my writing, so I did. And because shows I wanted to watch weren’t on when I was home, I read instead if I wasn’t writing. Writing has always been far more important to me than any other “leisure” activity, and I gave it the respect it deserved for being one of my priorities.

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  1. I don’t watch TV either or Netflix. I am a news junkie though but public radio here in Canada (CBC) is my primary source and anything I do want to see, even a newscast is readily available on line. Makes me woefully out of touch for a lot of “water cooler” type conversation though.

    I would rather read.

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