Merolén, in my Touched By Kalia series, is black. Xedepria, in my Autocrat’s Rise trilogy, is of Asian descent. Auben sresaph, from Soul of Insurgence is essentially of Indian lineage. As I did with my decision to write LGBT main characters in my fantasy fiction, I made a conscious choice to write characters of other Races.

In all the human countries on Chraest, I’ve determined there are groups of humans who believe racial “purity” should be striven for, so they’ve segregated themselves. All the human races on Chaest have groups who espouse this opinion, and it can get somewhat intense. There are even factions who seek to keep a particular variety of red hair “pure” throughout their group. This is a holdover from their ancestors’ time as slaves to the native intelligence; some of those natives wanted slaves of all one “type” or “race” or “look” so selected and bred for those ideals. The free human descendants have simply self-selected to continue that effort.

And it influences things in the characters’ lives. Merolén is in a position of authority in his country—a land manager who oversees a number of farmer families who work his land, and he has difficulty with a white family who moved in just before winter; the head of that household already holds a low opinion of him. Xedepria had—and will continue—to fight against an upbringing which left her with a superior attitude with regards to other people, particularly those of mixed race, even in spite of the fact the woman she married is of mixed race; and the parents of her wife, Kalyine, fought against their parents in order to marry according to their own desires—this will later influence what happens between the women. I haven’t yet decided how Auben’s racial “purity” will affect his life, but I’m certain something will come up once I start focusing on his novels.

No, racial purity is not one of my personal beliefs. It is simply a method for me to increase the possibility of conflict for my stories. What is my personal belief is that we need more diversity in speculative fiction. More gay and trans characters. More characters of races other than caucasian.

A writer doesn’t need to be any particular race to write that race. Even if I were writing urban fantasy or near-future science fiction, I could still write characters of other races. And I would strive to. It’s necessary. Completely necessary.

It was an easy decision for me to make. Just as easy as it was for me to decide to write mostly LGBT main characters.